The Need
Golden Hall entrusted E²Aroma with the design and creation of the mall’s exclusive scent identity. The main characteristics requested were a delicate and fine scent, which would blend harmoniously with the architectural design and elegant aesthetics of the shopping center, creating a sense of pleasant stay for the visitors of the mall.

Visitors and customers of the center were given a questionnaire that was especially designed by consumer behavior researchers and psychology experts, and sampled a series of tailor-made aromas, designed and developed by E²Aroma’s perfumers’ team. Analysis of the research data resulted in the final selection of Golden Hall’s scent identity.

The selected scent identity with the name “Golden” is now being diffused through the central ventilation and air conditioning system of the shopping center. Top technology digital diffusers were installed by E²Aroma, achieving completely homogeneous dispersion and stable levels of saturation.