Special Case Studies

Here are a few Scent Marketing applications, selected from E²AROMA’s portfolio of collaborations with renowned brands from both Greece and abroad.

HARRODS Department Stores​

The Need

It all started back in 2014. Then, the world-renowned Harrods of London commissioned E²Aroma to scent selected parts of the department store.
The original scent marketing solution implemented by E²Aroma proved to be so successful that, in the years that followed, always focusing on Scent Marketing, Harrods trusted E²Aroma with various Scent Marketing projects.

Design & Implementation

Among the highlights, the special Christmas scent that accompanied the Harrods window displays on Brompton Road, offered an unforgettable festive experience.
Or the scenting of select departments with a spring flower fragrance, as part of “Pop Up Flowers”, a promotion designed to provide a multi-sensory experience to the visitors / customers of the department store.
And more recently, during the Christmas holiday season of 2018, E²Aroma was responsible for the delicious Gingerbread fragrance of “Harrods Christmas Grotto”! In this way, the sense of smell played a key role in creating a fascinating experience for the Department store’s many visitors.

… and more

Following on our long and successful partnership with Harrods, E²Aroma was also commissioned to add fragrance, for a whole year, to the Women’s Swimwear Department. A specially designed Coconut fragrance was chosen to evoke carefree summer feelings and images of exotic destinations to the minds and imagination of the department’s shoppers and visitors.