Design and implementation of scent marketing projects


Design and production of scent identity & private label scented products


Scenting of stores in Greece – Cyprus - Bulgaria


Diffusion of signature scent in the reception area

Transforming an exquisite scent into a powerful marketing tool!

E²AROMA develops Scent Marketing applications, designs unique, tailor-made Scent Identities and specializes in innovative promotions that enhance brand recognition and brand loyalty.

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Why Scent? The power of smell is strongly associated with the recall of emotions and memories, allowing consumers to connect with products, environments and brands on an emotional level. Read more

A properly scented area
reinforces the sense of cleanliness
and security to its visitors

Adding a scent in an enclosed
space will contribute to the
good energy and positive
of visitors

Diffusing the right scent
in a space results in higher levels
of relaxation and calmness
for the guests

The presence of certain scents in a space can enhance the sense of cleanliness and calmness and add to the positive mood.

Scented Products

E²AROMA designs and produces private label perfume products of exceptional quality and aesthetics, to further promote the brand’s exclusive Scent Identity.

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Hotel Amenities

E²AROMA represents the French company HD Fragrances in both Greece and Cyprus.

Renowned for its specialized products, HD Fragrances is one of the most innovative companies in the world in the design and production of hotel amenities.

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