NAMMOS Restaurant by the Sea

The Need
NAMMOS, probably the most famous restaurant in Mykonos, with an unmatched quality of service and delicacies, wanted to enhance the experience of its customers. “We want our customers to feel completely relaxed in Nammos. To have an unforgettable experience from the moment they step on the entrance deck, an experience reminiscent of a summer breeze and the Aegean Sea aroma“, said the owners of NAMMOS.

The Design
E²Aroma’s perfumers’ team, designed the tailor made and exclusive “Nammos scent identity”, inspired by the sea breeze of Cyclades, with strong hints of a wet sand aroma and suggesting memories of comfort and luxury.

E²Aroma installed programmable digital diffusion devices, both indoors and in the open spaces of the restaurant, flooding the superb Nammos’s scent identity all the way to the sea shore.