The Need
The world renowned Le Bristol Paris, the flagship of the luxury hotel chain Oetker Collection from 1925 to the present, wanted to offer its demanding customers yet another unforgettable, Parisian experience. A unique, exclusive scent identity was required, and to this end, the management of Le Bristol Paris contacted E²Aroma.

The Design
E²Aroma‘s fragrance team focused on the luxury hotel’s needs, its rich decoration, its exquisite “à la française” gardens and took into consideration the famous hotel’s Michelin stars. As a result, we designed and developed the tailor made and exclusive “Le Bristol Paris” scent identity, which adds to the unique experience of the hotel’s guests.

After studying the technical specs and infrastructure of the hotel, E²Aroma‘s technical team installed digitally programmed diffusion devices to the central air conditioning network. The result: the hotel’s public areas, indoor pool facilities, and all conference rooms are discreetly flooded with the unique Le Bristol Paris scent identity, providing a rich multi-sensory experience.

… and more
Following the successful application of the hotel’s fragrance identity, E²Aroma continued with the design and production of a series of private label fragrance products, such as scented candles and room spray, with the signature “Le Bristol Paris“.